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KRŠNI ĐETIĆ DOES NOT REMOVE FROM APARTMENTS! After the baptism of a young star, MY GOD COMES! (PHOTO) | Star



Photo: Ana Paunkovic, Dragan Kadic

Stanija Dobrojevic and Vladimir Tomovic floated in the novel at the beginning of "Co-operative 2" and in this way secured the fans who cheered for them and their love to survive as long as possible. However, after Vladimiro's disqualification, and then the departure of the star from the committee due to health problems, their relationship became a major barrier that separated them.

photo: Ana Paunkovic, Damir Dervisagic

However, Tomović clearly did not plan to stop trying to "spit out" the problem, often referring to interesting black messages through social networks, despite the fact that he, as he pointed out, personally blocked his request through the necessary peace.

photo: Dragan Kadić

"I am alone in the Universe, where the only star that illuminates the path bears its name: Mind, eternal tenant, servant of my desires, and master of my pleasure, there is, for a moment, far from sighing." I smell like I want to hear how much you love me … he said, and cried. "He only knows that I love you and has a burden to feel when he says, Does it leave everything left for us? I ask him, don't want to hear the answer, I don't even understand, I just sneaked in. I will shut up and I, even without words, say loudly & # 39; I love you & # 39 ;, I have ever said, "he shared Tomovic's message.

photo: Instagram screenshot

At the end of October, Stanija turned to Instagram and said:

"Put yourself here! Send Vladimir who I personally blocked on Instagram, that I personally deleted all images, recordings with him, and everything related to" Zadruga "! Tell him to delete all images and recordings with me, and that I will no longer mean Tamara must be left alone, so she no longer misuses the situation and people when I don't want to advertise! That's all fans, support everyone! And forget me! ", first in response to claims and Vladimir's criticism of the story of his friend Tamara, who, according to his words, created and plotted out untruth in Stan's name.

photo: Pritnscreen Photo: Ana Paunkovic, Dragan Kadic


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