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LIST OF 21 PARTICIPANTS, PARTICIPANTS 3: They are the main faces of Singers, Actors and Starlets! And these are ALL the details of the contract! | stars

LIST OF 21 PARTICIPANTS, PARTICIPANTS 3: They are the main faces of Singers, Actors and Starlets! And these are ALL the details of the contract!

Photo: Screenshot by Dragan Udovicic

Co-op 3 is booming and a list of potential entrants emerges who are negotiating production and are already on the move to a magnificent mansion since September.

Legendary Violeta Popadic of Better Life or Lidija Vukicevic has had extensive conversations with Pink TV leaders about her involvement. In addition, the offer for the third season was received by sec * and starlets from Ivanicica, Ana Korac, as well as by singer-songwriter Sandra Africa, who was often a member of the Jury of the "Drugovizia".

– Lydia had been invited to participate in various show programs before, but she refused everything. This time, she was given the opportunity to determine for herself the conditions under which she would enter Cooperative 3. She was also asked not to have to stay with the other participants all the time, to be able to sleep whenever she wished, and to have special rooms in Shimanovtsi, where she can be lonely whenever she wants. When she contacted her, she first told them she was not interested. However, when she was stressed that there would be numerous privileges, Lydia began to cry. She listened attentively to everything she was told, but was left to discuss in more detail when she returned from vacation, the source said.

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Sandra Africa is in a similar dilemma. Although there are many pre-scheduled shows, her manager is in talks with Co-op producers to get into Pink's show at least every two weeks.

– So far, nothing has been specified about it, as the owners of Pink Pink Zeljko and Milica Mitrovic are currently on vacation. Only when they return in the second half of August will they continue to talk to Sandra about her fees and conditions.

photo: Damir Dervishagic

Anna Cork is one step away from joining the Cooperative for the third time. Now the demands are bigger and one of the prerequisites is her boyfriend David Dragoevich to enter the show. There's a good chance David Deyan's brother will be there too.

– People love complicated family stories. Just remember Subotic from Kaludjerica! David and Deyan had not talked for a long time, now they have reconciled and it would certainly be interesting for the audience to see how their relationship will develop further. With Deyan, his wife, Delilah, a former doubles winner, would also enter Cooperative 3, the interviewee revealed.

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Since until the beginning of the Co-operation remained a little less than a month, the list of participants was slowly being filled. Rumors have it that on September 6, Natasha Savia, Ivana Stamenkovich Cindy, Zoki Sumadiniak, Big Brother winner Darko Spezhko, Nenad Canak, Jelena Dzevremovic, Katarina Zivkovic, Jelena Kostov, Dragan Marinkovic Maka, Tamara Preestri Djuric . And there will be some of the old participants: Mina Varbaski, Jelena Kranic, Eleonora Milkovic, Philip Djukic, Marija Ana Smiljanic … In total, along with Lydia, Africa, Ana, David, Dejan and Dalil – this is a list of 21 participants.

photo: Printscree Instagram

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