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LIVE TRANSFERS – Tuesday, August 13th

LIVE TRANSFERS - Tuesday, August 13th


Ivan Perisic is Bayern's new footballer. read more HERE,

Daniel Rugani passageways to Roma. read more HERE,
– And Lionel Messi get involved in bringing Neymar, Read more HERE,

12.15 – Information from a journalist from RAI Claudius Garcia: Interconnector Hi Mario negotiates intensively with Galatasaray. Certain transfers are possible without a loan. It has not been specified how much underserved would receive money for the Portuguese, but it is estimated to be between € 20,000,000 and € 30,000,000. Recall in connection with Mario brought Monaco, Leipzig, Leverkusen and Sporting from Lisbon.

12:08 – Crossing Rodrigo from Valencia to Atletico Madrid is good news for all Milan fans look forward to the arrival of the Argentine Angela Corey, Georgians want EUR 60,000,000, the Rossoneri would give a maximum of EUR 50,000,000, so long negotiations are ahead.

12:00 – We are slowly entering the end of the transition period. It may not be as rhythmic as it was when I was making a market in England, but much remains to be done. Paulo Dibala should be one of the stars in the second half of August. So u Mozzart bookmakers have a chance to bet where the Argentine will end up. There are four commonly mentioned options. Leonardo would love to see him in Paris. Marot is determined to take it in return for Icardi. It is mentioned about Atletico … And maybe after all he stays in Turin. What is your feeling? I bet

11:45officially: Girona terminates its contract with Seydou Dumbia (31), so Cote d'Ivoire's attacker is already a free agent.

11:33 – Valencia striker Rodrigo Moreno is not training with bats this morning, which only confirms the information that it will soon and officially be sold to Atletico Madrid for 60 million euros.

11:30Partisan: Strahinia Pavlovich is in serious negotiations with Benfica. read more HERE

11:25 – The agreement with Napoli and Lausanne he also looks forward to Turin finally completing the transfer Simone Verdi for € 22,000,000 and 50% of future sales.

11:22 – A little interesting: Mexican Waiting for Lausanne will soon sign a full 60 page deal with Napoli. Of course, the biggest part is about those famous marketing rights for which Aurelio De Laurentis thinks they should belong to the club. PSV Eindhoven is waiting for € 42 million.

11:15 – Napoli is currently in a semi-position to hire a free agent Fernando Lorente (34). The experienced Spaniard is also wanted by Fiorentina, Lazio and Manchester United, but they are The Republic, Neapolitans near final agreement.

11:08 – The Portuguese media are writing about Milan's offer for Bruno Fernandez which states – EUR 30 000 000 + Andre Silva and Castelejo himself, We'll see what they say at Sporting in Lisbon.

11:04officially: Ivan Perisic is Bayern's new footballer. read more HERE

11:00 – French midfielder Maxim Honolon again at the crossroads. Roma no longer want it after a loan in Seville, marked by injuries, and there is currently interest in France from Lille and Bordeaux.

10:52 – Nice and Watford negotiate the transfer of the Venezuelan striker Adalbert Penerend (22). The English club is claiming compensation of nearly € 20,000,000 and the man has not played a single match since he is not allowed to work.

10:45 Tottenham plans to bid Christian Eriksen a new contract and € 86,000 a week, it is said Daily Mail, Danco's current agreement with the Singers expires next summer, and Juventus is already out, unable to resist without continuing a series of free players.

10:38officially: Gabon striker I take fashion he left Reading and crossed into Turkish Denizli.

10:33the newspaper and Corriere they write that Milan is ready to release Gigi Donarum in Paris Saint-Germain and invest the proceeds in bringing him Iskar and Hames Rodriguez from Real. It sounds unrealistic, but let's see by the end of the transitional period what will happen …

10:25 – Sporting director of Barcelona Eric Abidal flew about an hour ago to Paris for direct talks with the Saints on transfers NeymarThe director is also expected to join him throughout the day Javier Bordas and finish this work, which is announced all summer long.

10:18officially: Japanese midfielder Endo fire (26) moved from St Difficult to Stuttgart to borrow.

10:12 – Schalke and Besiktas are finalizing negotiations to pass an experienced Ukrainian Eugene Hemp (29) to Istanbul. Whether it is on loan or redemption is a mystery so far.

10:06 – Bremen and Parma contacted Milan for Andreu Contia, but so far the Rossoneri have successfully repelled all attacks.

10:00 – Inter v Juve – Second round: Chiesa 2020. More HERE

09:55 – Former captain of HSV and Japan national team Gotoku Sakaji (28) by tomorrow, the move to Visel Kobe will be completed, which will pay the club from the north of Germany a symbolic compensation of 500,000 euros.

09:50officially: Nikola Stoilkovich was transferred to Boavista. read more HERE

09:45 “The Series A rookie in Cameroon is aiming Erica Maxim Chupo Moting (30) by PSG. The Bundesliga season-long hitter has a series of passes for free, so the Italian club could finish the series.

09:40 – He leaves Rome Stephen Nzonziand he also seems determined to accept Galatasaray's proposal. The French also wanted Fenerbahce, but the Lions Fatima Terima they play Champions League, so Galata is a logical choice.

09:35MAIL: Daniel Rugani passageways to Roma. read more HERE

09:30 – We open this morning with information on potentially the largest transfer and departure Neymar by Paris Saint-Germain. He even got involved in the story Leo Messi which promises an exciting twist. read more HERE

Good morning and welcome, dear visitors to MOZZART Sport. We are entering the deadline at the end of the richest market in Europe. In the Premier League the market is closed, but in Italy, Spain, Germany, France – the right one just moves … It's with you on the morning shift Milan Zdravkovic, Before we go, HERE remember what the clubs did yesterday. And remember you can find all the news related to this topic by clicking the tag 2019 SUMMER TRANSITION PERIODas in my daily blog LIVE TRANSFERS

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