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MELENCHAY, who has been accused of raping daughters in panic: Locals see him in panic for lawyer because he has "huge problems" | The Black Chronicle

MELENCHANIAN LOVED FOR LIVING COUNTRIES IN PANIC: Locals see him in a panic for a lawyer because there are

Photo: Printscreen Facebook, Jelena Rafailovic

Zrenjanin – According to Zrenjanin, suspects of raping two girls, Z. (42) from Melentsi was seen downtown on Tuesday morning in a panicked search for a lawyer to protect him! He stopped people, as they say, and asked "if they knew a lawyer to represent him because he had many problems."

Despite numerous attempts, the High Prosecutor's Office in Zrenjanin was unable to obtain information on the grounds that the prosecution would not publish on suspicion of rape in the village of Melentsi, near Zrenjanin.

In Melentsi, most villagers are still in disbelief that such a monstrous story of an attempted rape happened in their village. The unmarried wife of the suspect AS (29) from Melentsi, reported him on Friday, August 9, claiming that he had touched their three-year-old girl and her daughter, who is three years older, for months. The woman also said he beat her and threatened her with death. Parish was arrested on Monday, August 12th, in Belgrade, after which he was taken to the Zrenjanin High Prosecutor's Office.

photo: Jelena Rafailovic

After the request, the girls underwent a thorough medical examination, claiming that there were no injuries or signs of violence on the body. The neighbors of this family claim that Ž.Ć. he would never do anything so delightful, noting that he also loved his stepdaughter as a born daughter.


A.S. and Ž.Ć. they lived in Belgrade for a while, so as their acquaintances say, they sold the apartment, spent the money, and returned to the village, to his mother's house who lived with them. Z. Æ. he worked as a seasonal worker in the capital and came to Melens only on weekends to bring money to his unmarried wife because she was not busy.



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