Saturday , June 19 2021

MILIANA KULICH OPET FILLS IN NEEDS? I did 2 tests and both showed 2 CRTE! Zola is outside, but the EBO is still hiding from him (VIDEO) stars

Milyana Kulic returned to fight again last night, and as soon as he arrived, he took Zola's bride to talk about himself, then drew some shocking details!

"I do not know if it's true that what I told you in the wardrobe to get drunk right away," Zola said.

Yes, two rows were shown, I did two, I will do it again in the morning when I got pregnant for the first time and when I did this test, I first showed that I was the second time that I did not finally have done it. "I have to give my urine," Miliana said openly.

"You're not good, I see you." I saw that you were something nervous and hid something, "said Zola.

"I will never go without saying goodbye, many of them told me that you are not a girl for me, I will not talk about it now."

"I thought you would come out and show me love in this way, let's not talk about it because it's a birthday, we have to be happy," Kulicheva replied.

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