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MOST COMBINATION! Just a solution to many health problems! • HAPPYTV.RS

It is best in the morning as soon as you get up, you drink the mixture you make 1 teaspoon of baking soda hidden glasses of water,

Here's what this powerful combination treats:

Natural antacid

The antacid properties of this natural ingredient are perhaps the main reason for its great popularity. Drinking water and drinking water neutralize stomach acid by helping to cope with reflux or heartburn. Water dispersed in soda reduces inflammation and gas formation, which quickly relieves the condition, for example in the case of digestive disorders.

Alkalizes the body

Our foods are mainly acidic products. The acidic environment in the body contributes to the development of various diseases. Acidity of the body carries a high risk of osteoporosis, arthritis and even cancer. The soda perfectly neutralizes the acid in the body and has an alkalizing effect.

In order not to exaggerate the basalisation of the body, drink bicarbonates in minimal quantities or 1 tsp. pots in a glass of water, but only for one week in another consumption.


This drink can be used to combat various viruses and bacteria that cause disease. Sodium bicarbonate treats inflammation of the throat and inflammation of the mouth of the cavity. The procedure is simple: rinse your throat with soda spilled in a glass of water.

Lenses urinary tract infections

One spoon of bicarbonate soda, dispersed in a glass of water, can prevent and treat urinary infections, all thanks to the ability to reduce urinary acidity.

In this case, treatment is done with baking soda, sesame and cranberry juice.

Fighting with gout and diseases

Increased levels of uric acid and blood in the urine and tissues of the body can cause various chronic diseases such as gout or arthritis.

Water with sodium bicarbonate creates balance in the blood, reduces uric acid and thus effectively helps against these diseases.

Increases physical endurance

The lactic acid, which is released in our body during physical activity, can accumulate in the muscles and joints, resulting in a feeling of fatigue. If you want to increase your physical stamina, drink sodium bicarbonate every morning. It will give you the energy you need and it will be helpful to relax your muscles.

Sodium bicarbonate regulates cholesterol levels

Water with soda for bread can clear the blood from bad cholesterol. However, people suffering from hypertension should not drink bicarbonate because of the high sodium level.

How to drink soda for bread?

If you are treating any of the above diseases, drink acetic bicarbonate three times a day before eating, drinking half a spoon of bicarbonate in a glass of water.

If you are treating flu symptoms, the procedure is as follows:

First Day: Apply half a teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water and drink every three hours. Total drink 5 times a day

Day 2: The same dose, but only 3 times a day.

Day three: The same dose, twice a day, after lunch and after dinner.

As you arrive on the third day, the symptoms of the flu disappear completely.

Never drink boiling water and water for more than 7 consecutive days.

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