Wednesday , June 16 2021

News Online / Leisure / Science & Technology / If you downloaded any of these 9 apps, delete them immediately

Owners of Android phones get a very important warning.

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Security experts have discovered millions of Android phones that are infected with fake apps from the Google Play Store.

Nine malware applications are downloaded over 8 million times and are installed on Android phones from around the world.

An application, in particular, is installed on the vaults of the 5 million Android address, says ESET security expert Lucas Stefanko.

In addition, none of these applications have the functionality that promises to users.

These 9 apps just bombard users with ads to generate revenue for their developers.

Behind all these applications stands developer Tools4TV.

Stephanco advises users not to install these apps and uninstall them if they have already downloaded them (Settings -> Apps -> [ime problematične aplikacije] -> Uninstall).

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