Sunday , June 13 2021

NOVAC is mind power for RAFE! My: Djokovic is one of the best, but we have a weapon to beat him!

It's always a challenge to play with the best bargainer in the world, probably all the time. In the past, Rafa was adapting to every challenge he had, which made him advance, and so he is now the player. Matches with Roger and Novak are always special, albeit different. Rafah usually has a psychic advantage over every opponent, but this is not the case with Novak, because Novak is psychologically powerful. Matches like the upcoming are reduced to two or three or four points, as happened to Wimbledon. Then those points went to Novak, he made Rafa put the ball in the third set, breaking the ball in the fifth. If any of these points now go to Nadal, we have a chance to win, but I expect a heavy fight she admitted.

He is not a Spaniard who finds it difficult to determine what he likes best in the game of our tennis player.

Mindfully, he is one of the best players ever, his marker is perfect, then he moves, reads the game. I can not say I admire this or that thing the most, there are many things. One of the best players so far and you really respect him. It is difficult to extract an element.

Nadal has the chance to win the 18th Grand Slam at Melbourne and at the same time he will become one of those games with at least two cups with each of Grand Slam.

Being in the Big Final is a great motivation. Of course, if you want to find reasons to be more motivated, you will. Novak has taken 14 Slems, Rafa 17, they know they are part of the story … If Rafa wins, he will be the only one and that's plus, but the Slema final is a great thing for himself.

The Spanish expert hopes Nadal will avoid a long sword. He says that Raf would not be good to get rid of the fight.

I was watching the last day the match lasts for six hours. He has to avoid such a thing, not only for the finals, but also for what he has to do later to recover from it. And of course there is a risk of injury when you play six hours. We know that playing shorts against Novak is not easy as he is one of the best players and also the best rider. But I think Rafa has enough weapons to narrow down the points, although the long points can play well and that's why it has a mental ability. That's why, why do not we expect a big match from Rafi? Even if this is not his favorite background, I think Rafa has a weapon to win Novak.

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