Sunday , June 13 2021

On Saturday 8th, in protest in downtown Belgrade there are dissatisfied citizens

On Saturday 8th, in protest in downtown Belgrade there are dissatisfied citizens. The protest against the current government, entitled "One in five million," began with Plato before the Faculty of Philosophy, and at the meeting was the professor of the Faculty of Political Science Ch. Chopic and former Supreme Court judge Zoran Ivoshevich.

"Alexander Vučić turned the rule of law into a rule of personal arbitrariness, the government in a personal hearing, and the parliament in a voting machine charged with legalizing its arbitrariness, said Chodemir Chupic in his address to the people gathered.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has to resign in order for Serbia to become a new state again, said former Supreme Court judge Zoran Ivoshevich tonight at the protest in Belgrade.

After the meeting, they went on a protest walk called "By the requirement of five million" to the central city streets: Macedonian, Svetogorski, Takovski and Knyaz Milos Street to the government building of Serbia on Nemanina Str.

The organizers announced a "mini-show" in front of the Politika building in Macedonian and in front of the building of the RTS in Takovska, and the final speech will be held with the Serbian government.

The support of protesters was sent by the academic communityThe first was made by professors and professors from the Faculty of Philosophy, followed by the Faculty of Political Studies in Belgrade, then by the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade and the University of the Union.

Citizens organize protests Friday and Saturday in other major cities in Serbiasuch as Niš, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Chakak and others.

Meeting of the left block near the protest site, discussion with the Unified Fantasy Movement

Not far from where the protesters gather, "one in five million" is held by members of the left block because, as they have said, they can not otherwise send a message of social justice.

Less discussed when representatives of the United Fantasies, who regularly participated in the One-in-Five Millionst protest, asked whether they were really left-handed or working for Serbian President Alexander Vucic, how they can be read in comments on social networks. ,

The left block responded that some were punished by the authorities for their actions, and that they did not make a difference between one of the leaders of the Alliance for Serbia, Dragan Jill and the opposition, and Vucic, on the other, because they "lead the same neoliberal politics".

They sang the internationalists and, with the red flags, developed banners "Stop Bloody Costumes for Workers", "Workers Safety in Construction", "Dole Vucic, Ivan Capitalism".

Then the white-speckled people moved away. They usually have large bottles on the back as well as oxygen called "Pest Control", which they plan to spray on the presidency and other state institutions.

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