Friday , June 18 2021

One arbiter claims – clean naked, second – ambush (VIDEO)

It is also unclear to the Spaniards: One arbiter asserts - pure naked, second - ambush (VIDEO)

Hit Nicholas Talyafica He raised not only Amsterdam, but Europe as well. Everyone talks about Argentina's left-back goal canceled Ajax out of front against big Realand even the Madrid media, traditionally fond of the Royal Club, are not sure whether it is Damir Skomina was right when he helped VAR, he took the advantage of the Dutch with the game.

During the game brand consult with a regular expert consultant, Anduhara Oliver, who thinks the decision is wrong.
"The more I watch the video, the more I think the goal should have been recognized. VAR points out that Tadic was in place, but in view of where he was, he could not get away. Especially because he did not hit Kurtow, he did not play the game and that should be a clear goal– Oliver said.

On the other hand, he is competitive ace he called for help Ituarde Gonzalez, and this represents a different attitude.
"It's an ambush because Tadic has blocked the goalie. Kurtoa could not get hold of the ball and that was the reason for the VAR to intervene, says the former arbiter.

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PHOTO: Reuters

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