Friday , December 3 2021

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Men who are obsessed with going to the gym to look perfect and have a body done have more opportunities to suffer from depression.

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Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Harvard University have come to the conclusion that nearly 10 percent of the men who participated in the study had disruptions about their appearance because they believed they were fat and wanted to be fit.

Because of this disorder they tend to get drunk on weekends, keep children tight and take steroids. The team said it was the first time to investigate the relationship between them and their muscles, as well as the increasing number of men who struggled with the perception of appearance or famous distortion from a distorted mirror.

This study looked at men aged 18 to 32 years. The researchers examined men's habits and their appearance based on the Muscle Scale. Based on 15 questions, he measured how much a muscular individual wanted. On a scale of 1 (always) up to 6 (never) respondents rated statements like "I want to have more muscle" or "I feel guilty if I miss one of the trainings".

Nearly 10 percent of men have distorted mirror distortions, which means they see themselves as thick as anything. Those who are obsessed with fitness centers are 4 times more likely to use prohibited supplements and steroids to build muscle. More than one in three men undergo a strict diet.

While most women carry children because they think they are fat, men choose special diets because they think they are thin. They don't want to be thin just like they want to be muscular. Most of Cristiano Ronaldo's stars are role models for them to look like.

The problem is when this display becomes an obsession for men who have work, study, and have a family. Those who practice do not work to be healthier, but become more muscular. While women must have tight tight vests, men must have wide shoulders.

It advises parents to take care of their children's nutrition from the youngest days, because getting healthy habits will have fewer difficulties with weight and overall appearance.

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