Monday , June 21 2021

OVERVIEW After the public talks, Kia and Sloba confirmed that TOGETHER departs from Serbia

kija i sloba_290518_RAS photo Milan Ilic05_previewPhoto: RAN Serbia

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In the last few weeks, Kia and Sloboda have been in the media, but apparently managed to get rid of the relationship.

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The ex-husband's public conflict came when Kia heard that Splava claimed she had a relationship with Natasha Savia, and then she said she was bisexual, who was hiding her affair with an affair, as she said, to "gentle girls." In exchange of tough words, however, information came out that Kia and Slope soon left together in America on a tour.

"Slobodan and I are going together in America on a tour if we get a visa, of course," she said, confirming this guest of the news on Lavac Pajic's "Counterview" show.

Slima, who was in Instagram's profile a few days ago, announced a tour in America and Canada in June and will see more photos of the former couple in the gallery.

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