Monday , June 21 2021

Policies Online – Start testing a new off-road car "Begins NTV" t

Wojtech engineering institute in cooperation with the Zastava TREVO company from Kragujevac participates in the design of a new field vehicle Zastava NTV, which is produced in the Kragujevac factory in two versions – as a van with an extended cabin for the transport of 8 +1 persons and a truck with a short cab. cabin for transportation of tools and materials up to 1.4 tons. Both versions are designed for towing tools and connectors with a total weight of up to 1.7 tons.

The new off-road vehicle "Behind NTV" is a multifunctional vehicle with a maximum capacity of 7.5 tons (useful 2.5 tons), which is produced entirely at the Zestava TERVO plant, with the exception of engines, a gearbox and an independent suspension.

The modern motor turbo engine Kamins, Alison's automatic gearbox and the two-speed powertrain distributor with a torque converter are mounted in the motorized section. The independent suspension system provides optimal traction and dynamic traction on the ground as well as increased road comfort with modern roads. The dimensions and mass of the vehicles are such that they provide the possibility of placing additional loads in the vehicle with regard to ballistic protection, tractors with arms, and various opto-electronic devices and devices, according to a statement by the Ministry of Defense.

Laboratory, field and field tests of the Zastava Zastava vehicle, which will be subjected to very rigorous and severe tests during the test, must demonstrate that the concept of the vehicle and its traction and dynamic characteristics are in full compliance with the requirements. During the tests at the Technical Chamber of the Climate Chamber as well as tests predicting tens of thousands of kilometers crossed on the very demanding terrain of Deliblant Sands, Zlatibor and Fruska gora, tests and tests of all the functional characteristics of the vehicles will be carried out as well their compliance with elements of initial tactical and technical is necessary.

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