Thursday , July 29 2021

Politics Online – Deyan Velikov is released from parental rights, becomes a witness

Football manager Dejan Velikovsky, arrested in Belgium for various ill-treatment, was released yesterday from custody. In the course of the investigation, as his lawyer Chris Luks announced, he would become a witness fellow.

Local media reported that Velkovic would be sentenced to five years imprisonment and a fine of 80,000 euros, and for crimes he was charged with possible sentences of up to 15 years.

Veligović is forbidden to leave Belgium. He appeared in court in Tongerin yesterday, after which Luke announced that after long talks, his client signed a collusion with the prosecutor's office investigating money laundering, match fixing, and corruption in football.

Velkovic continues to be suspected in a process known as "clean hands," but according to the agreement he will tell the investigators everything he knows and will detail his role in football fraud. This information was confirmed by the acting prosecutor, adding that the agreement would be withdrawn if Velichovich did not tell the truth.

"As a repentance, Veljkovic is ready for full co-operation, and he realizes he has made a mistake and will become the biggest victim and therefore no longer wants to participate." We are pleased by the agreement that it is good for everyone, "Luke told the Belgian media .

Yesterday, he told Twitter the release of Veljkovic on Twitter: "There are things the Prosecution does not know, and whom Vejkovic has said now because he is ready to reveal all his activities in the leadership for the past ten to fifteen years."

Velkovic and his lawyer are awaiting the court's decision, which must confirm the agreement with the prosecutor's office. The punishment, which is agreed with the prosecutor's office and confirmed by the court, will be final.

Velkovic is the first to admit and regret all he has done, according to the possibilities that exist in the Belgian law of August, the lawyer said, adding that he had made it very difficult to spend time in prison where he was on October 11th.

"He lost more than 10 pounds, so he decides to move from the other side, and he is not the only one who is responsible for what has happened," said his lawyer, Luiges, who is known in Belgium to defend his clients in this way. the slightest punishment.

We recall that the court a few days ago detained Bart Verten, a football referee who, together with Velkovic, was charged with fixing matches. The media reported that Velkovic would explain to the Prosecutor's Office the entire financial structure of players, managers and clubs and will include new people in the investigation.

They will answer questions about the profits from individual player transfers because it is a huge amount that is washed and tax-free, which every government hurts the most.

This is not an unexpected turning point in the continuation of the investigation, which triggered spectacular arrests of dozens of people – managers, club presidents, football judges, journalists and even Velichkovic's girls.

Belgian police and prosecutors have been collecting facts about abuses in the First League for more than a year and have provided much evidence in the form of tapped telephone conversations. They also managed to trace dirty money, which is measured with millions of euro rounded.

Part of this money was also taken to a secret account in Belgrade, along with 30 Belgian Veljković bills, where money was spent in Belize. Emphasizing the evidence, the Serbian manager has obviously decided on a less painful option. It remains to be seen which secrets will be revealed to the prosecutor's office and whether he will attract other people from the soccer world with him.

He sent commissions to accounts in tax havens

Velkovic deducted from one of his 30 accounts in Genk only 450,000 euros in one day, while in official documents, like his annual income, only 4,529 euros were reported. According to Belgian media, the investigation reveals that he has power over his family's accounts but also on the accounts of three former footballers Milan Jovanovic, Dalybur Veselinovic and Ivan Obradovic.

It is believed to have washed millions of euros by sending commissions to tax havens such as Belize, and then back in small quantities to Belgium.

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