Sunday , August 1 2021

Politika Online – Four dealerships 33 and one year in prison

The Belgrade Special Court sentenced four of the defendants for drug dealing 33 years and six months in prison and ordered that nearly one ton of marijuana was confiscated. This is one of the most stringent decisions for trafficking in narcotics ever spoken in domestic courts, and inmates are accused of the time they spent in detention on March 19, 2017.

Dragan Glišic was sentenced to 11 years in prison, Dragan Popović eight and a half, while Predrag Isidorović and Vladimir Kesić were sentenced to seven years in prison. Against this first ruling, the defendant and their attorney had the right to appeal to the Court of Appeals in Belgrade.

The Trial Chamber also issued a decision to end the detention of Dragan Glišic and Dragan Popović and replace them with a ban on leaving the apartment using electronic surveillance (nanotubes).

Supervision of them will be carried out by the Directorate of Criminal Sanctions, and the defendants are warned that their detention will be re-established if they violate avoidance measures. The Belgrade High Court announced that Dragan Glišić confiscated 990.80 kilograms of marijuana with psychoactive substances THC (modified marijuana known as skank). Also, Glišic was taken and 4.86 kilograms of marijuana.

The court requires the defendants to provide compensation and costs for criminal proceedings about the number of people who will decide the court then with a special decision. Predrag Isidoroviću and Vladimir Kesić expanded the size of banning the abandonment of apartments, along with a caregiver.

We remember, officers from the Criminal Police Directorate crossed the international narcotics smuggling chain on March 19 last year and confiscated a 1.1 ton scan. The drug was found in a tank that was hidden in a warehouse in Obrovac village, almost on the border with Croatia.

The market value of narcotics is estimated at four million euros. The Organized Crime Prosecutor's Office, which presides over pre-trial procedures, was then taken to Belgrade by Dragan Glisic, suspected of being the organizer of this criminal group, then Belgrade Dragan Popovic, Slobodan Ilic, Dragan Isidorović and his son Predrag, and Vladimir Kesic from Novi Pazara.

According to media reports, these organized crime groups smuggle drugs with KiM and sell them to Serbia and European Union countries. Nebojsa Stefanovic, the interior minister later stated that it was a record breaking narcotics in action, not only in Serbia, but also in the region. In this case, it is not unusual that detainees were not familiar with the police, given the amount of drugs seized and the fact that they had a chain of smuggling and selling scanners that were put in place.

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