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Radenko's wife (54) accused him of forcing his step-daughter (9) to s * ks orally, and then discovered another horror ?! (Photo)



08.16.2019 15:42

Radenko N., 54, of Boca village near Zrenjanin, was arrested after his wife accused him of threatening to kill her, but also touched her half several times in June, forcing her to have oral sex.

Radenko N.

Radenko N., Photo: Facebook print screen

* Radenko N., 54, of Boca village near Zrenjanin was arrested

* His wife accused him of touching his stepdaughter's genitals and forcing her to have oral sex

* She also accused him of threatening her with murder

According to neighbors in this village, they had not seen Radenko for a month, adding that he had been abroad.

Radenko N. was detained by a competent prosecutor's office on suspicion of having committed three criminal offenses for pledging against a child, domestic violence and illegal possession of a weapon, the weapon being handed over to the suspect's wife by police.

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AUTHOR: Alo.rs/ D.N / N.M. DATE AND TIME: 08/16/2019 1:50 PM A fire broke out in a paint and varnish factory in the weekend village of Bela Zemija near Uzice at about 10.30 am. Fire in Uzice, Photo: print screen * Fire in a factory in Uzice * Two strong explosions echoed * Fire crews are on the ground and working to extinguish fires Residents say two eruptions erupted as a result of the fire.

The investigation is ongoing.

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Helicopter in New Belgrade

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