Sunday , June 20 2021

Renault reveals details of the new Clia uoi of Prime Minister VIDEO

French Renault presents the new fifth generation Clia on Monday, January 28th.

However, Renault has some details about the short video on the internet.

The center of the hive is the Renault logo, a small Hebeka brand and some details of the exterior and interior.

Pirate pictures from previous months show that this can be expected from the new model.

Cleo has a front slit with narrow headlamps, and the rear doors are still hidden in the C-pillar.

The biggest mystery is the interior, the new Clio claims to have a vertically oriented touchscreen in the center console, but some features still go through the physical buttons.

The cabin is expected to have more advanced melting systems and better waste treatment.

Clio is produced on the same platform CMF-B with Nissan Micra and the main version under the hood is 1.0-liter tubrobenzene.

The advanced options are 1,3 and 1,5 liters, and a hybrid version later.

At the top of the offer, the new Clio RS is on time, and is announced as a crossover version with increased clearance and "inames" on the roof.

After the debut on the Internet on January 28, Clio's public presentation will take place in the Saloon of the car in March in March and sales in Europe will start before the end of the year.

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