Thursday , June 17 2021

Right-click: New options arrive in Gmail

Google has finally dealt with one of Gmail's most inspirational things by removing the drop-down menu by right-clicking it.

Source: B92, The Verge

Photo: mady70 /

Photo: mady70 /

Adding new options will make this menu more useful as the new update becomes more and more used.

This is very simple. When you sign in to Gmail, right-click on one of the inbox messages to get a drop-down menu with a standard set of pot options: Reply, forward, label, move, jam, delay.

It can be said that these key combinations have always had room because they make much easier work.

The drop-down menu currently offers only three options (archiving, marking as unread, deleting).

Google claims that a single user of the new right-click option should close or immediately after February 22nd.

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