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Salad will provide you with a healthy and successful day! • HAPPYTV.RS

Salad can be eaten for breakfast in any combination, it is important to contain only different vegetables.

Salad does not belong to the list of foods that are consumed for breakfast, so people focus on eggs, spirits, and the like. Still, dietitians are increasingly turning their attention to salads and advising us to consume them as much as they are great for the beginning of the day.

If you eat heavy food for breakfast, it is likely that the rest of the day is bad because your body will consume more energy for digestion. Eggs, grains and vegetables provide more energy than foods that contain many carbohydrates and sugars. They stabilize sugar levels and give the body enough energy to function until the next meal – says nutritionist Kessie Pisano.

Biscuits and many sugars are often associated with poor mood and low energy levels. On the other hand, protein and fiber in salads stabilize mood and help us to focus more easily.

Vegetables can be combined with Greek yogurt or boiled eggs to increase protein intake, and you can add olive oil that is rich in healthy fats.

Numerous studies also confirm that vitamin B12 found in salads can increase the feeling of happiness. It is also recommended to eat lemon slices instead of greasy and heavy meals.

alcohol destroy the stomach acid and make digestion difficult, and the heavy food that people often consume to recover from the "night before" only worsens the whole process. Salad in this case helps much better and much easier "falls on the stomach".

Experts recommend that you begin to consume your salad at least several times a week in the early hours of the morning and pay attention to the changes that will occur to you. If you can not imagine a salad without eggs, you can combine it with boiled eggs without problems and add a lot of delicious ingredients to it.

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