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Teodora Džehverović and Anđelo Ranković, although they claimed that they did not renew their relationship, met on his birthday and spent their time in the apartment, he paid 25,000 dinars.

photo: Damir Dervišagić

Teodora and Angelo hide that they are together again. Both of them insisted on claiming that they did not renew the connection, but they met at a hotel in Zemun.

Singers and models, who began their love during their stay in the first "Cooperative" season, according to our sources, did not want to know that they had given their bonds another chance, so they hid their reconciliation as snakes on their feet. in public, they were hiding in the hotel, and in one day they celebrated Rankovic's birthday.

The former cooperative tried to provide a pleasant experience with his lover, so he rented a suite with a jacuzzi. He got a birthday cake and champagne, and for the night they spent together of all, he fell about 25,000 dinars.

The source who saw Theodore and Angela at the hotel told Rialita that their secret meeting was like theirs.

"Theodora was excited, he arrived at the hotel earlier that day to prepare his surprise for Angela. He brought a cake, and then he came with Rankovic at night. He knew nothing, he thought he would spend the night together and relax away from Everyone works happily, "said our source and added:

photo: Damir Dervišagić

"The night was turbulent, they left chaos in the apartment, as if they were a party," said the source.

In the first "Cooperative" season, Teodora entered a rival as a busy girl who waited outside Christian Christianity, but fell on the model and immediately began to make connections. Even though he started driving a player for one reason only – to advertise his songs. , Teodora was the most effective because of his relationship with Angel, but also because of their mother's disapproval on the occasion of love. Both of them continued to connect after the ritual was over, and Teodora invited Angela in the video for the song "Black Knight". However, they quickly broke up, but according to the latest information, they were together again.

photo: Курир Trajković / Photo: Damir Dervišagić


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