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The girl on the 8th month is waiting outside for TRUTH! All publicly spoken in the Cooperative, the Moon is facing language! (Photo)


23.04.2019. 23:30

Marko Milkovic

Photo: Youtube Screenshot

Milyana Kulic she went back to the cooperative's rival, and went on to take the things out of the outside world. The news she announced Mark Milkovic she shook everything, and Luna Jogani could not hide the pain she was experiencing at the moment.

Namely, Milyana discovered that Mark was waiting for a pregnant girl outside. Together, they were in the sea and already at the 8th month of pregnancy.

Marko Milkovic was angry when he heard what Miliana Kulic says in Cooperative, and denied everything she said while others were listening carefully.

Milyana Kulic

Photo: Youtube Screenshot

The girlfriend of the former Mark who was at sea is pregnant … Then let's ask Luna whether Marco has a girlfriend outside and whether his girlfriend is pregnant because at that point when they were at sea, she was born. to tell you Marco, for a month and a half when you're done, you'll become a father, your girlfriend is pregnant, you know it, "said Kulicheva, and immediately took it off:

"You do not have to be stressed at the time when she was born, she was not pregnant with me, and then we had no connection … We saw we had no relationship, she had another boy."

While they were discussing whether Marco would become a father when he left the reality, Luna she could hardly hold her feet.

Moon Jogani

Luna Jogani, Photo: Screen

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