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The incident in downtown Belgrade, police searched the car and set the driver to the building wall



10.11.2018. 23:27 – 11/10/2018. 23:47

According to unofficial information, several fans were arrested.

Maja Androvac marica police

Illustration, Photo: Alo! / Rajko Ristic

At night, police blocked Strahinjića bana Street in downtown Belgrade and stopped and searched for dozens of men, who should be a fan.

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After the incident, no one was allowed to go to the house. Every day at the window there are other curtains and Miriam is good, but KRVAVO LICE!

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INSPIRATION the Serbs who mastered the sword attack on GORAZDEVAC They went carelessly to Bistrica, then they went into robbery! Bogdan was injured 7 times, he was left without spleen, kidney and DELA LOBBY, and then moved PAKAO!

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According to unofficial information, legitimacy and search were preceded by incidents when a group of men burned torches in a nearby cafe. There were several police cars and cars on the corner of Knjeginje Ljubica and Strahinjića bana, while police also searched for cars, while the drivers walked side by side and were legitimized. Some of them "lined up" along the building walls.

– A group of fans behave very much in a local store, insult guests and refuse to pay bills. When police come to the scene, hooligans try to provoke verbal and physical conflict with them. However, MUP members professionally reacted – explaining the source of "Blica".

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