Monday , August 2 2021

The nurse in Pančevo tried to stop the thief: He pushed from the stairs, the nurse broke his arm Telegraph

Т.А. stole a child's wallet and two women tried to stop him

Sister, sister, robbery of a monk

Members of the Ministry of Home Affairs in Pancevo arrested T.A. (36) because of reason to suspect that he has committed a crime serious crime of theft and bodily injury, MUP of Serbia announced.

He was sued for him from the tea kitchen of the children's department of the General Hospital in Pancevo from a stolen wallet that was damaged with documents, money and cards.

Because of him the injured party pays attention and tries to prevent it, T.A. he decided and ran away, so the nurse who tries to stop him on the stairs will then be thrown away, causing him to fall and break his arm.

The suspect was taken to the Public Prosecutor's Office in Pancevo, along with criminal reports, added in a statement.


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