The $ 5 billion Jeff Bezos hedgehog walks with former presenter Lauren Sanchez like the entire "ordinary world".

They enjoy love

They enjoy lovePhoto: Profimedia

You may have noticed that famous billionaires are forcing a casual style: "I have a lot of money, but I'm not trying to show it" (at least as far as clothes are concerned).

They look "fine" Bezos and Lorraine, but not offensive. But when we put our clothes aside, it becomes clear that they are living on a high foot.

First, there is Saint-Tropez! No one with a "shallow" pocket flies to this place. There's a luxury ship that goes around the resort … And information that no one forgets when it comes to it: Loren lost $ 38 billion to the Amazon. It will cost him so much to divorce his ex-wife, MacKenzie Bezos (pending lawsuit).

The billionaire got rich and when it came time to choose money or love, he chose the latter. In his case, however, this was not a literal choice. In other words, he was left with a lot, a lot of money in his account.