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This is where he hid most often and how to recognize him

Many times we have heard that stress has a big impact on our health and the general state of the organism, and during long-term exposure to stress, it accumulates in certain parts of the body, which we can interpret if the symptoms are wrong.


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Often physical health problems can be caused by several psychological problems. Some studies show that stress can accumulate in several places in the body.

Neck and shoulders

You can feel pressure and tension in the neck and muscles in the shoulder area. When we are stressed under pressure, our shoulders are bent, and in this position we tighten the muscles that cause pain in these body parts.


When we are stressed, we often experience headaches or migraines. This is a consequence of the chemicals that our body lights up when stressed, and they affect the nerves and blood vessels in the brain which cause headaches.


Our stomach has a fast response to our mental state. Stress not only affects the work of internal organs, but also on the microbial composition in the stomach. Stress can also affect our stomach starting to burn more digestive acid which causes heartburn.

Lower back

Back pain is usually a headache. When we are stressed, we tend to change routines, behaviors, the way we walk, sleep, sit, and all these changes affect our muscles.


Did they tell you to mess up your teeth? There is a high probability that the result of this stress is because your muscles are very tense and because of stress, this unpleasant action occurs.


When a lot of stress hormones are released due to stress, our skin becomes more sensitive, so the skin is more oily because of cell secretion. That's why we have more pimples, mites, fever, or something else.


In chronic stress, our pancreas can start producing more insulin than is needed, and it can destroy our arteries and lead to growth and risk of diabetes.

Joints, bones and muscles

Scientists have shown the connection between depression and the whole body. If you suspect that you suffer from depression, seek medical help as soon as possible.


Stress due to emotional injury increases blood pressure, which has a negative effect on our heart. Many heart conditions are associated with stress, so think of your heart.

Immune system

The immune system struggles against viruses and bacteria if there are bad people in the body. When we are stressed by our body releasing chemicals, environmentally friendly reduces the strength of the immune system.

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