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TSC doesn't stop, 4 out of 4, beat Cukaricki in Senta despite a missed penalty, Rad and Javor's first win (VIDEO)

Backa Tolope team leads in Super League, Radnicki on top after defeating Vozdovac


TSC – Cukaricki 1-0 (0-0)

Senta is a stadium: City. audience: 1.200. judge: Milos Minakovich. assistants: Deyan Potokan and Goran Bejin. Yellow cards: Skopljak (TSC), Kajevic, Kamenovic (Cukaricki). Sagittarius: 1: 0 Dejan Milicevic in the 54th minute.

TSC: Filipovic, Skopljak, Tomanovic, Tumbashevich, Milicevic (from 86. Sinkovic), Siladzhi, Ponevic, Antonic, Arsenievich (from 67. Rovcanin), Balaz, Lukic (from 67. Duronik). coach: Zoltan Szabo.

ČUKARIČKI: Belic, Cirkovic, Sapic, Pusaric (from 43. Kamenovich), Bogosavac, Docic, Kovac, Ovus (from 53. Lukovic), Burmancevic (from 64. Djordjevic), Kajevic, Tedic. coach: Alexander Veselinovich.

Newcomer to the TSC elite is in the lead after four rounds! Chukaritsky was first defeated in the Super League this season in his first away game. In Senta, the final triumph (1: 0) of the hosts, the final score Dejan Milicevic after 54 minutes, following an excellent pass from the right Arsenievich,

The first threatened the home side in the 12th minute Get off kicked past the target. It was a better period than Chukaritsky's game, in which Berdzhan also had two chances. First in the 14th minute, Ovus He punched three players in the opponent's penalty box and then kicked him, but he did Filipovic tame that blow. Then in the follow-up action and try tedic, but the black and white striker shoots past the TSC target.

The Backa Topola team responded quickly and had a great opportunity in the 21st minute Get off, but it is Belic intervened even better after hitting him from 15 yards out, after which the ball bounced to Milicevicwhich was not exactly from the point of view of appearance. The hosts also had a great opportunity eight minutes later, Get off aim and hit the crossbar, almost from the edge of the penalty area.

By the end of the half Chukaritsky had another opportunity, after a great breakthrough and midfield Birmancevic on the right Kajević got the head of the ball but it was not accurate, he could have done much better. In the 42nd minute, the black and whites were left without the most experienced player, ie. Puškarić injure yourself, replace him Kamenović,

The guests continued the attack while Kukaritsky's counter was on the ground as well Lukic dropped a kickoff, five yards. Belgrade had their first two chances during the match, the first blacksmith tried an 18-yard shot, Filipovic was able to defend himself. In the 51st minute, solo action Birmancevic, drags the ball for a long time, then shoots well from 17 yards, but does it Filipovic it was masterful again.

TSC made a quick run for the pass, but in the 54th minute a counterattack was carried out, which ended in an effective blow. Milicevic – 1: 0.

He had previously left the field due to a injury Ovuswhich he replaced Lukovich, In the 56th minute the shot tried and tedic, fired from a 17-meter bend, but was a bit inaccurate.

65 minutes into the game, a penalty kick for TSC after a handball Kamenović the judge Milanovic he pointed to a white spot. shiny Belic are being read Lukic and knocked him down from 11 yards, leaving his team in the game. However, by the end of the match there were not many chances, the hosts closed all approaches to the door and only one opportunity was seen Lukovichwho kicked him on the net FilipovicHe had a chance in offsetting his time tedic, kicked well but did Filipovic she was safe again.

4th round of the Serbian Super League:


Red Star – Mladost 2-0 (Vulic 4, Eutovic 45 + 1)


TSC – Cukaricki 1: 0 (Milicevic 54)

Maple Sword 3: 1 (Petkovic 39th penalty, 53, Kuvelic 57 – Kolakovic 50th goal)

Rad – Injia 1: 0 (Trifunovich 85)

Radnicki (Nis) – Vozdovac 2: 1 (Mikhailovich 17, Jirka 74 – Jevtic 51)


19:00: Progress – Partisan

20.00: Proleter (NS) – Spartacus

20.00: Advisor – Vojvodina

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