Monday , October 18 2021

Vesti online / Sports / Fudbal / Marko Grujić pokušao dočarati Engleskom atmospheric na Marakani


Liverpool players visit Tuesday's Marakana in the 4th Champions League, and what fascinates the British media is the famous 110-meter long tunnel, which is unusual.

EPA / Peter Powell

Marko Grujić

Marko Grujic, son of Red Star and Liverpool player, explained to local media that the phenomenon of Marakana.

– Convince one thing – the atmosphere at the Red Star Stadium will be extraordinary. My former club fans have been waiting for such matches for a long time, there will be 12 home team players.

Belgrader, who was born, with years of experience at Ljutica Bogdan, tried to convey to the Englishman what he expected from the European championship.

– The stadium is in a hole, it's very axis and noisy. You cannot hear teammates in such an atmosphere. Of course, Liverpool has serious qualities and is a big favorite. However, it is always difficult to play in Belgrade – said Grujic.

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