Tuesday , August 9 2022

"WHOSE KIND OF SPECIES WHO K ** SEE ?!" Jürgen Klopp is inflamed with fury over an unfortunate injury to the goalkeeper and fired UEFA!


Jürgen KlopPhoto: Anatolia

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Jürgen Klopp is outraged that Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian is injured by a fan who stormed the Istanbul court and celebrated the Reds' two-legged goal to celebrate Chelsea's victory in the European Cup.

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Jirgne KlopPhoto: EPA / Tolga Bozoglu / EPA;
Jirgne Klop

Adrian was swollen from the article after this applause, and the big question is whether he will play tomorrow's championship in Southampton. Given that Adrian was in the stands at Anfield because Liverpool's first goalkeeper, Alison, was badly injured, the Reds were currently reduced to only the third veteran, Andy Lonergan.

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That is why the Liverpool manager is furious that UEFA is allowing exhibitionists to enter the football field, which, as it turns out, can also be dangerous for the health of football players:

– Who wants to watch a man waving the hell ?! Klopp asked rhetorically, comparing a fan who injured his goalie on a pervert.

– Fans should stop running into the field. This is not funny at all and now this is the best example of this, ”continued Klopp.

He added that Liverpool complained to UEFA that it did not meet safety standards in a Super Cup match.

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