Sunday , September 26 2021

Wild construction – new laws come into force today

Amendments to the Law on Legalization of Facilities, which are faster and easier to make decisions about the elimination of illegal objects, are in effect today.

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Photo: Mondo / Stefan Stojanovic

The amendment to the law stipulates that, not a final decision that rejects or rejects a request for legalization, a final decision that is sufficient (most often the second), where the request for legalization is rejected or rejected.

This is what the newspaper said in the legal secretary of state at the Ministry of Construction Aleksandra Damnjanovic:

"The legal renewal is not awaiting the end of administrative disputes," Damnjanovic said, adding that the new provisions of the Law on Law should allow illegal construction to be put on the road.

Damnjanovic, visiting RTS Dnevnik, said that the basic law clearly states that only buildings built until the enactment of the law are the subject of legalization.

"We have just confirmed this with the latest changes, but we also estimate satellite imagery as a cumulative condition. Everyone who builds after the enactment of the Law on Legislation in 2015 is not subject to legalization either by baseline or by the latest amendments to the law ", Damnjanovic explained.

According to him, the purpose of enacting the Law on Legislation is to legalize the largest number of buildings, back to the legal stream, but there are also a number of facilities that can never be ratified.

"What's new in this law is that administrative disputes do not await the end of administrative disputes, that is, the validity of demolition resolutions, when requests for legalization are rejected, but on the basis of final decisions, each local self-government, all who make decisions or checks construction, object ", said the Secretary of State.

One newspaper is a ban on new connections to infrastructure, Damnjanovic said.

"All facilities built after the enactment of the law, they are subject to the Law of Planning and Construction, and which has been adopted on the day through demolition resolution – has authority and can be destroyed," Damnjanović pointed out.

The latest amendment to the Law on Legislation is – that objects that are in the legalization process can be destroyed based on the final solution, he said.

This means that all objects whose decisions reject requests for rejected ratification can be subject to demolition.

Damnjanovic said yes all objects that meet legal requirements that can be destroyed, and according to the level of vulnerability of public or cultural property, programs will be created and will be subject to demolition.

According to him, this law provides a five-year deadline in which citizens and all people who are in the process of legalization must be legalized.

He urged residents to complete their documentation as soon as possible, to legalize their facilities, because under the new law the deadline was five years.

"We don't have to wait for the fifth year to solve our problems," Damnjanovic said, adding that "there is no possibility for these items to circulate until they become legitimate." "Damage to your facilities, will be easier for the country and you".

In Serbia, there are 2.2 million illegally constructed buildings.

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