Tuesday , July 27 2021

56-year-old bus driver arrested after a man dies in a Woodlands accident, Singapore News & Top Stories

Singapore, a 56-year-old private bus driver, was arrested after a deadly crash outside the Woodlands executive factory on Wednesday night (November 21st).

In response to media inquiries, the police said they were warned of a bus and pedestrian accident outside Forestville at Woodlands Drive 16 at about 7:00 pm.

The incident happened in the direction of Woodlands Avenue 1.

The pedestrian, a 25-year-old man, was declared dead by paramedics, said the police.

The Straits Times understand that the bus makes a right turn when leaving the condominium when the incident occurs.

The victim was hung under the right rear wheel of the bus.

According to the Chinese language Shin Min Daily News, the victim intends to cross the way to smoke cigarettes.

He had worked as a security guard in the nearby apartment for nearly two weeks.

Witness told Shin Min that he was in a cafe waiting for a friend when he saw the victim coming out of the condominium security and trying to cross the road.

A 35-year-old guard, who wanted to be known only as Mr. Liu, said the bus had stopped between the two strips after having hit the victim.

Half of the victim's body was trapped under the bus and blood stains were observed, he added.

The bus driver was arrested for causing negligent death.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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