Wednesday , June 16 2021

Alcohol is the main cause of liver transplants in the United States.

Alcohol-Induced Liver Association (ALD) has become the most common factor in liver transplantation in the United States.

Of over 32,000 liver transplants, liver transplantation rates for ALD increased from 24.2% in 2012 to 36.7% in 2016, according to a study by the University of California at San Francisco.

One reason is that the six-month sobriety requirement is no longer seen as a binding principle.

"It is expected to shorten the mandate period of alcohol abstinence to allow more ALT patients to survive liver transplantation," the study said.

The six-month rule has been a gold standard in the United States and requires "patients with alcoholic liver disease to be sober for at least six months before being examined for liver transplantation," said ABC News.

But the research team found that US transplant centers had never taken it as an absolute policy practice and even set their own.

The period of abstinence was also weakened by medical records in which they promote early liver transplants for ALT patients.

Although the American medical community has been in increasing openness to curb abstinence, researchers are still concerned about post-transplant mortality and regional differences among patients with IDAs, calling for further studies on long-term outcomes. Enditem

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