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Andy Hui cried when Sami Cheng began his concerts, Entertainment News & Top Stories

Is the water under the bridge for the Hong Kong superstar Sammy Cheng and her husband, singer Andy Hui?

51-year-old Hui was caught in a scandal scandal in April with actress TVB Jacqueline Wong, 30. Two days later, Cheng said he had forgiven him and decided to give up the storm with him.

The 46-year-old Cantonese queen continued to prepare for her 13th Hong Kong concert, which began on Friday (July 12th) and will end on July 27th.

Hui was spotted arriving at the Hong Kong Collegium with assistants on Friday at 7.50. He was greeted with cheers and praise by Cheng fans, who probably did not forgive his wife for cheating. He was not sitting in front, but watching the concert from behind the scenes.

He also attended Cheng's concert on Saturday, arriving at 19:20 with his face without expression and looking a bit desperate, according to Ming Pao Daily News.

Cheng's first concert on Friday was attended by several celebrities, including Jugi Lung, Cheri Chung, Michelle Reis and Isabella Leong, as well as Mrs. Kimbi Chan, wife of the magnate Joseph Lau. Joyce Cheng and Fiona Sit were guest stars on Friday.

Cheng began his show in a huge white bridal dress and super-high shoes on the platform, which turned into four outfits in the first 20 minutes.

She begins with her Beautiful Life hymn from the romantic comedy "Love On A Diet" (2001), where she co-stars superstar Andy Lau. She won the best original film at the 2002 Hong Kong Film Awards.

She performs other pieces such as Breakfast in the Bed, Color … Aroma and Power of Love at the concert.

When she sang her song, Hurt, she hid in a crystal pillar, showing only her head in an eye mask. She stepped out of the ladder as she sang the song and took off the mask to reveal makeup.

She told the fans: "If things happen and are hurt all over your body, your love will be the best in the world after the pain."

By the way, two love songs that sang with Hui were not met at the concert.

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