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Around the sun again there is a giant cube

Близько сонця знову помітили гігантський куб

Unusual objects can be artifacts from images.

A mysterious giant cube near the Sun, and the size of our planet, and once again into the lens of the space station, NASA, studied the star, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

Earlier this month, well-known paranormal researchers from Taiwan, Scott Waring (Scott Waring) discovered mysterious photos taken on the NASA-SOHO project journey, and rushed to share them with my colleagues in the UFO Department.

Journalists immediately named the object – Borg Cube (a space fiction space race from cyborgs from "Star Trek" and many other similar computer games).

And even though the messages seem to have caused a certain resonance in the media, scientists and even conspiracy theorists still cannot explain clearly what they are.

The fact that a cubic object near the Sun is not a natural creation implies a very true form of this figure. On the other hand, it's too big for, say, a spaceship.

But the researchers are alarming, even this, and the fact that the shooting angle is too fantastic, like stars are not three-dimensional objects, and some are two-dimensional projections.

In short – a mystery! However, it is increasingly common for researchers to paranormal phenomena …

In this case, an additional sensation for him was the message of one of the Beforeitsnews resource users (nick-Indians in the machine) that he was contacted with aliens from the Pleiades, a ship that is currently only present in the Sun.

What's more, these aliens are expected to come in the next few days to regulate the Earth's solar storm, which for several months will reduce all electronics on the planet, and that our civilization is equivalent to the end of the world. Here you have a long awaited Apocalypse! ..

However, some conspiracy theorists assure us that India's message in the machine can be a conventional filling: there are several considerations:

– first, the mysterious cube near the Sun can appear intermittently, say, he was "hanged" in the fall of last year, and there is nothing special if this does not happen; – second, strangely coincides with Scott Waring's information, as if someone specifically had used it to increase, say, balance the world market; – and finally, scientists have not seen natural or artificial solar activity, and the potential (called self-proclaimed contactee) the date of the onset of the attack has passed – that is the end of the world which turns out to be a trap for naive people.

Anyway, I wrote this post in comments for this sensation, spread on many sites, and even print editions, and the fact that periodic sightings of strange cubes near the Sun caused confusion and anxiety that could be understood.

Besides that, on this account there is no reaction in the official science section, as if scientists were not even aware of this anomaly that threatened us to know what …

Близько сонця знову помітили гігантський куб

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