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Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 53: Vanitha challenges Tharshan, her plot is well on its way!

Vanitha Vijaykumar Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil

Vanita's repetition is a blessing in disguise for Big Boss Tamil 3's TRPs. The controversy is very different since she first went home this season.

Vanita Plot Decoding – Detailed Report

This time Vanita is on a mission and clearly states "Divide and Manage". There are times when fellow racers understand her storyline, while her strategies are difficult to decode in most other cases.

Scene # 1: The Muguen Mediator's Play – Abramy's Fiasco – Day 52

Vanita's first target since entering the house is Mugen Rao. Mugen enjoys a very fan base and his image is admired this season. Vanita knew Mugen's short tempered side and waited for the right moment to activate it. She uses the drama about the Abrami-Mugen relationship and openly discusses it when it was clearly a personal issue between the two contestants. Mugen succumbed and showed off his angry avatar as Abrami broke away from his emotions. This was expected from Abrami, but Mugen lost his cool, which was unjustified. It was a psychological victory for Vanita with this story.

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Scene # 2: Madhumit Trigger | Play on the Women's Unity Card – DAY 52

Madhumita and Sherin are clear threats to Vanita's long run at Bigg Boss Tamil 3's house. Vanita uses the right moment to challenge Madhumita, who accused the men of the house of "using" women for their personal gain this season. Although the claim was completely rejected, Madhumita damaged her positive image, provoking Kavin. The escalating tension is the new normal in the house and this time Madhumita succumbs to Vanita's plot.

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The game is not over yet, as Vanitha is this attitude. Sherin and Loslia will not move on about the drama of the unity of their wives.

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Plot # 3: Tarshan Provocation Break the Unity of the Band – DAY 53 (TODAY!)

Tarshan is the favorite racer to win the Bigg Boss Tamil 3. He is adorable and his fan base is expanding with each passing day. Vanita's next target is Tarshan, and this time she wants to show off his ugly, short-tempered side. However, this plot will not be easy at all.

Tarshan, Mugen, Sandy, Cavin, Loslia and Sherin are all very united as far as the Vanita plot or other incidents in the house are concerned. Whenever Mugen or Cavin are provoked, Tarshan, Sandy and Loslia stand up for them. This is definitely not a good sign for Vanita. Only time will tell if she's smart enough to split the band's unity and make her way to the last days in Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

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