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Donald Truham's 5 Best Moments in the WWE


No matter how you feel about him, Donald Trump has done everything. He is the 45-year-oldfather and current president of the United States, he is a supposed business magnate and is definitely a celebrity. Add to this list the award is his participation in the WWE, which led him to the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame.

Fox Sports Asia looks back at the president's interest in WWE about ten years ago. Below are five of the best moments from Trump from your WWE career.

Reduce RAW

One of Donald Trump's statements on Monday evening Raw led him to hand out Mr McMahon's money during Monday Night Raw. Trump even did it in an extravagant way, making it rain thousands of dollar bills in the arena. The crowd was pleased with her return home. Trump was happy because he had to exercise his superiority. Tacky and irritated Mr. McMahon may be the only person who is not happy that night. All of this even happened during Mr. McMahon's Thanksgiving dinner for fans!

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WrestleMania 23 – Battle for the billionaire

The rivalry between Trump and McMahon reached its climax in WrestleMania 23 of hair-stroke matches. Bobby Lashley is Trump, while Uuma is the WWE president. The loser would have the head and his hair shaved by the winner. Hard to say, Trump would have been the winner of this contest, and he had the rare opportunity to give McMahon a sad haircut.

Stone Cold Stunning

Trump to Take Stone Cold Stunner may be the best or worst time depending on who you are asking. This may be the best time because it's really a privilege and a memorable moment to eat a stunning player during WrestleMania 23. However, it can be seen unfavorably because Trump got stunning and did not come out as a winner. Nevertheless, the story of WWE will always have this image.

Possession on Monday morning

In 2009, Trump has attracted one of the biggest deals in his life by acquiring McMahon and holding Monday night. It may be years since their WrestleMania 23 meeting, but that was another moment when Trump proved his superiority over McMahon in his own rivalry. Trump would add more insult to injury by selling Raw back to McMahon twice for the reward. Trump not only wins, but also plays with McMahon, ultimately looking at the raw cheap and easy-to-sell product.

Hall of Fame

Donald Trump put the cherry on his WWE career cake by introducing himself into a classroom of 2013 class. This evening was a perfect culmination and appreciation of everything he did in the WWE. Only for legends and other influential people who contributed to the success of WWE has this honor. Nevertheless, no matter how special the Hall of Fame is, it is very slow in comparison to being president of the United States of America.

(Photo & Video: and WWE Youtube Page)

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