Monday , June 14 2021

Drivers are fined for providing illegal driving services

The road haulage body fines four drivers to provide illegal driving services using unlicensed vehicles.

According to a media release Wednesday, (February 13th), each of the drivers was convicted of using a vehicle as an unlicensed public vehicle and driving a vehicle without valid insurance.

Of the four used vehicles, all of which are registered abroad, three were confiscated.

The investigations revealed that the four drivers were transporting passengers from Singapore to Johor Bahru for an agreed tariff without a public service license. There was also no valid insurance coverage for such driver services.

All four accused drivers are found guilty of the crimes and are convicted.

Each driver was sentenced to a total fine of $ 1,400 for both crimes, and disqualified from driving all vehicle classes for one year.

13 caught using unlicensed vehicles in 2018

In 2018, the LTA captured 13 drivers using unlicensed foreign vehicles to provide driver services. One of these cases is over, while 12 other cases are still ongoing.

Enforced execution operations were carried out in hot spots of visitors such as Changi Airport, HarbourFront Center and East Coast Seafood Center. LTA enforcement officers also regularly conduct dissuasive operations at these locations.

The DSA urges the public to engage the services of drivers provided by drivers using unlicensed vehicles.

Since these vehicles may not be sufficiently insured against third party obligations, passengers may not be entitled to insurance compensation if they are involved in a road accident while traveling in such vehicles.

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