Saturday , July 24 2021

Experts have described terrible statistics for falling asleep behind the wheel

Эксперты назвали жуткую статистику по засыпанию за рулемA study conducted in England.

Sociological studies show that sleepiness is the cause of 53 fatal accidents that occurred in the UK in 2017 due to driver fatigue. Researchers believe fatigue causes a quarter of all accidents.

The data was provided by British scientists who analyzed more than 20 thousand drivers. They determined that the probability of an accident in the group studied was 37%. Drivers say that sometimes they are so tired that they are afraid to fall asleep behind the wheel. Estimates are that it is more likely to suffer sleepy riders are men.

From the masses – 17% of men tend to lose awareness while driving and only 5% of women can fall asleep while driving. In addition, only 57% of drivers of all respondents tend to stay to rest, knowing that they are asleep.

The main cause of fatigue and drowsiness, the researchers think long and hard working days (39%), monotonous landscapes when traveling (33%), driving at night (27%), trying to reach longer distances in one day (27 %) and lack of sleep before travel (26%).

It should be noted that a driver who is "disabled" for three or four seconds while driving on a highway, over this short period of time overcomes the size of the soccer field. "Blackout" 30 seconds at a speed of 90-100 km / h the car is not controlled, driving 0.8 kilometers.

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