Friday , July 30 2021

Jacqueline Wong cries home from HK paparazzi, Entertainment News & Top Stories

HONG KONG – Last week, TBB executive director said she had spoken to Jacqueline Wong and noted that "she's emotionally unstable."

Now the actress was shot at home by Hong Kong paparazzi, reported Sin Chew Daily.

30-year-old Wong hit the audience last week after a 16-minute video appeared intimate with singer Andy Hui in a taxi.

While she and Hui, 51, who are married to Queen Cantop Sami Cheng, 46, have apologized, the storm has not yet exploded.

Wong's career has been swallowed, with TVB eliminating it for now by recreating artists for shows and public appearances.

Wang's thematic song about TBB's drama "Come Home": Lo and here is now being replaced.

TVB had to reassure advertisers who worried about the impact of their brand effects.

But TVB does not intend to terminate Wong's contract, saying she wants to give her time to find her legs again after a scandal.

But the Netizens were not so charitable, with the conversation that TVB actor Kenneth Ma, 45, her boyfriend and Hui are not the only men in her life.

It is reported that she has brought other men to her home.

Wong said last week that she "does not know how to confront Ma," but tells him that since then she has sent him a text message and has not yet replied.

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