Monday , August 2 2021

Juventus chief Agnelli denies the involvement of the Super League

MANCHESTER, England: Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli said on Monday that the Italian champions were not involved in talks about the breakaway European Super League and remained committed to UEFA competition.

Earlier this month, German magazine Der Spiegel reported that plans for the European Super League were back on the agenda after several previous discussions had produced nothing.

Der Spiegel and European Investigative Collaborations, international media networks, citing leaked documents, reported that a new plan had been prepared by Spanish company Key Capital Partners for Real Madrid.

The plan is to forecast 11 of Europe's top clubs to create a Super League in 2021 when the current agreement on Champions League format and revenue sharing ends.

Juventus have been named one of the 11 founding candidates for the breakaway league but Agnelli told the BBC that the Italian club was not involved.

Agnelli, who is also chairman of the European Club Association, which represents more than 200 European clubs, said: "I can ensure that we have never seen, never discussed, never been involved in making this document.

"We are fully involved with UEFA in shaping the game going forward," he added.

UEFA President Alexander Ceferin told the BBC that European football bodies continued to see new ideas for his club competition but the Super League was ruled out.

"Super League won't happen. This is present fiction or dream," Ceferin said.

"We have a few ideas. All I can say is that the Super League is not possible. Participation remains. And everyone will have the opportunity to compete in every European competition," he added.


UEFA are currently competing in Europe's elite Champions League clubs and second-tier Europa League, while are expected to elect a new third competition next month.

Ceferin said UEFA was needed to ensure that the emerging football market could take advantage of their tournament.

"We have to think about Poland with 60 million people. We have to think about (countries like) Turkey, we have to think about Russia," Slovenia added.

"Fans can be sure that if we put our hands to make a new product because we want to make sure that fans across Europe are involved."

Agnelli said that any expansion of European football, in terms of new structures for the Champions League, could see less domestic football.

"It is evident if you want to have an overall balance of European football and international football (all of Europe) all that must go hand in hand with a reduction in domestic play," said the Juventus chairman.

"There is a whole system of anomalies that must be overcome. That might mean that in certain leagues increasing the number of games. It's not just about reducing, it's about making it a balanced playing field, which is very important."

(Reporting by Simon Evans; Editing by Ken Ferris)

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