Thursday , June 1 2023

Mamamoo's Wheein can't visit KCON 2019 LA due to health issues


RBWt has announced that MAMAMOO's Wheein will not be able to attend KCON 2019 LA, where the group is due to leave. The other three members are still ready to attend the event.

The agency published the announcement at the group's fan cafe and their message read as follows:

Hi, this is RBW.

We're writing to let you know that MAMAMOO's Wheein will not be able to participate in KCON 2019 LA. MAMAMOO members were at the airport waiting to board aboard after going through immigration when Wayne said she was suffering from sudden dizziness and was not feeling well.

She was moved to the hospital where she rested and underwent a thorough examination. Although we have not received an accurate diagnosis of her condition, her dizziness has improved significantly with rest and we are currently awaiting the results of her examination.

Wayne wants to get on an airplane and attend the schedule on schedule to keep her promise to fans, but members and our agency have been worried that a long flight could worsen her condition and what she needs right now is rest. Therefore, we are sorry to inform you that Wheein will not participate in KCON 2019 LA.

We ask for your understanding and will do our utmost to ensure that Wayne's condition does not deteriorate and that she can recover as soon as possible.

Thank you.

We wish Wheein a quick and complete recovery!

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