Thursday , June 17 2021

Manchester United 0-2 PSG: Paul Pugba loses his head when Kilian Mabap leaves Solzarrer to need a miracle

The young phenomenon and Angel of Mary was electric, as the United for the first time lost under his ruler

Within eight weeks, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer once again had a dream at Manchester United. But Paris Saint Germain took less than eight minutes in the second half of Old Trafford on Tuesday to leave the Norwegian hoping for a miracle if he brought United to the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Solsjayer's 10 wins and a tie in his 11 matches, following Jose Mourinho, along with injuries to key stars of the PSG Neimar and Edison Cavans, had made United a favorite here in so many eyes.

Still, Angel Di Maria and Kilian Babe agreed to upset the book and bring Solskayer and United to the ground. The two assists of Argentina at the moment of the eye and the French final at the time were deadly blows that the hosts could never overcome. The last red card of Paul Pogba for Danny Alves's ridiculous challenge serves just to make the mountain more difficult to climb.

United again went on with a game plan to call for pressure and exploitation of the holiday space, and had moderate positive results in the first half without even seeming to really break the PSG. In the first 45 minutes they just could not get the most out of their good positions.

In addition to Pugba's near post, the lightning broke out right as if they were taking all the wrong decisions when it matters. Jesse Linggard scored a passage behind Anthony Martial when they broke two with two while Marcus Rhapsford checked a step at the crucial moment just as he was expected to get Luke Shaw cut.

From another end they took advantage of the fact that PSG were too often leaving Mbappe to take care of himself, hoping for a little magic from the World Cup winner instead of placing the numbers around him to keep United on his fingers.

While the loss of Martial and Lingard to injury necessitated reconsideration, there should not be a drop in the performance that followed when the PSG began to incorporate the screw. As Alexis Sanchez fell too deep and Juan Matta could not add the edge to the right, United had no way out, and the French champions made the most of their chances of winning some kind of superiority.

Jesse Linggard, Juan Bernat, Man United vs. PSG

After Mabp had first tested David de Gaia, Di Maria had a cross crossed from the corner of the flag, seeing Prednorm Kimpame standing in front of the flat foot Nemanja Matič to return home.

And less than eight minutes later it was twice as bad for United. Di Maria got out of the left and delivered a clear ball to Mabp, who managed to set aside after Eric Bailly failed to get to the gate of Argentina.

Everyone sooner or later was waiting for a wake-up call, but that was at the biggest stages. It could have been even worse if it was not a strong De Gee hand, as Mabi sneaked across United's line.

Pugba then surprisingly saw red after connecting Danny Alves's knee with a late, high challenge in the dying stages. He had a disappointing night against Marguinos, and his absence from the return leg would hardly help.

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A black sign against his name will not be Solskjaer's end as a contender for the Old Trafford concert, but ultimately this result is due to United's inability to adapt to the new realities once Plan A is not working and their staff is forced to change.

There is still a second foot that will come, of course, but it will take a huge amount of character to get out of this hole in Paris on March 6th.

None of the teams managed to make progress after a 2-0 victory in the first leg of the Champions League knockout phase, which means that Ole Gunnar Solskayer must really produce a miracle.

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