Tuesday , July 27 2021

Manchester United News: Luc Shaw Discovers Red Devils's "Crazy" Rush vs. Liverpool

The full team has admitted that the disappointed team is having their performance in the first 45 minutes before "good chat" during the interval.

Luc Shaw revealed that Manchester United's dressing room was in a half-time shock against Liverpool after a feverish first period in which three players were replaced by an injury.

Red Devils saw Ander Herera withdrawing at the start of the match before Juan Matta was forced to retire as Ole Gunar Solskjaer's tactician departed from the window.

Mata's deputy, Jesse Linggard, had also been dropped before the interval, as if he was aggravating the injury he had been raising against Pari Saint-Germain two weeks ago.

As a result of the changes, the race became a nap and a stop-start, as Roberto Firmino of Liverpool also departed for the visitors in the 31st minute.

Shaw offered an insight into United's mood during the break as the results were locked at 0-0, insisting they were happy to stay on the level after passing the ball possession for long periods.

"We were all very disappointed with the first half," England said after a match, as Evening standard"We did not play well at all.

"We gave a lot of balls too cheap and fortunately it did not cost us. But we had a change of formation, we had a good chat at half time.

"We said" relax and just have to play our game "and I think the second half was better.

"We were not the best, but overall I think we have created the best chances and I feel we have to win."

Marcus Rashford also seemed to be struggling with his mobility during the match but without remaining substitutes for Solskjayer in the second half, the 21-year-old soldier continued.

Despite the unusual nature of the game, Shaw has managed to hold Liverpool's Mohamed Salah's talisman all afternoon, but still believes he can still bring his game to another level.

"We all know how incredible the Liverpool attack is, and I do not even think that David (de Gea) has saved it," Shaw continued.

"So it's credit, not just for the five, but for the whole team.

"These are the games you want to try to try to prove why you are here.

"You want to play against the best, you want to test against the best and I want to continue doing it in my career."

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"I think there is still another level to come in. I do not think I'm really at best and I know what I can do when I'm the best."

United is now sweating out of his quartet's gym before his next premiere at Crystal Palace on Wednesday.

Solskjayer has seen an excellent success of 11 wins in 14 games in all races, but the Red Devils have given their place to the four best for Arsenal after their last result.

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