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Many cultural similarities between India and Mexico: Stars & # 39; Narcos, Diego Luna

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By Bedika Mumbai, Nov. 12 (PTI) Hollywood star Diego Luna hopes Indian audiences will embrace "Narcos: Mexico" because he believes the two countries share many cultural similarities. Luna, her co-star Michael Pena and showrunner Eric Newman joined Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt and director Shakun Batra, to talk about the latest season of drug drama Netflix, which began streaming from November 16. "I find so many similarities between Indian culture and Mexican culture … There are so many similarities. The contrast that you experience when you go out and wealth in terms of cultural diversity is extraordinary. It feels like you are from here. I think this is why you would like & # 39; Narcos: Mexico & # 39 ;, "said Luna. The actor, however, was hesitant to talk about his spiritual relationship with India even though Batra was raving about the chat they had made Sunday night. "I say this because I have four vodka in me … the spiritual connection is different … That's personal. I don't see how it relates to & # 39; Narcos & # 39;" he said when Batra shared with the audience that Grandma Luna was born in India and he has read parts of the Bhagavad Gita. While the previous season was handled by Pablo Escobar, people behind the emergence of the Medellin Cartel, and later the Cali Cartel in Colombia, the fourth season shifted to Mexico and revolved around the rise and fall of the Guadalajara Cartel. Luna, who grew up in Mexico at a time when Cartel was at its peak, said the show was "personal" for him because it was "the basis of chaos" that his country was on today. He played the role of Felix Gallardo, the man behind the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel. Gallardo is currently serving a 37-year sentence at Altiplano in Mexico. "The case of Kiki Camarena determines the relationship between America and Mexico … I was six years old when this happened but I didn't know about that because my father hid this Mexican from me." But in the 90s, I was reading about violence that erupted and understood how important the 1980s were, "he added. Wagner Moura and Pedro Pascal were two popular faces from the previous season but Pena and Luna were not worried about comparison." I don't think about it like that. It's not like Pedro Pascal is enough and they bring me a small one … It's not like he plays Kiki Camarena (DEA agent) and then I come. We continue to work, travel and have a page to memorize, "Pena said. For Luna, it's a blessing to be part of an established show." Obviously, when you see something, you compare it to the last thing you see. "The people made the program so popular that for the first time, I didn't need to worry about people watching my program," Luna said. " … The team they gathered was extraordinary … I must be very honest. It's very brave to say & let's start all over again & # 39; This is a different project … there are new directors, places and players … They complement each other very well but you will not think about the previous season. "The actor said he read a lot of news and comments from other people about famous drug dealers to understand the world of inner character, whose personality is different from the usually flamboyant cartel boss. He wants to be seen as a businessman and wants to be seen in his social part … But it's hard to find pictures of his personal life … While many of these characters are very flamboyant, this person knows his value from being wise in this world … He's like a politician "Luna said. Pena said it took a while to understand what prompted Camarena to put herself in danger and talk to Camarena's wife to help shape her role." not really getting the core of what moved him. What will motivate someone to put himself in danger to achieve what he thinks is justice. I understood better when I talked with Mika Camarena, his wife. "He is a person who is inundated with injustice … Local police, federal police, local government, everyone closes his eyes. This triggers him to bring it to himself to make some differences," he said. . Newman believed that the king of drugs was not the actual star of the show, but cocaine, whose tracks they had followed season after season. "It would be wrong to think that these characters are monsters. They are not … They are products of their environment, economic differences and endless desires for cocaine represented by America … The mistake we make in America is that we are always looking for monsters and we ignore the monsters that form behind us, "he added. PTI BK SHD SHD

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