Tuesday , July 27 2021

Mitsubishi can restore the production of both models

Mitsubishi может восстановить производство двух моделей

The date of the final decision has not been announced.

Two Japanese legends – Mitsubishi Lancer and Mitsubishi Mirage can return to the market. The Mitsubishi representative stated that it did not exclude the possibility of continuing the production of these models, forgotten in 2014 and 2002, respectively, according to Chronicle.info with reference to AvtoDream.

Thus, "Lancer" and "Mirage" will rise again despite the new global strategy that focuses on the production of cars that are now the fastest growing crossover and SUV segments.

According to technical directors Mitsubishi, Lorn and Mirage will be the most available models in the current brand line. Instead, they built a universal CMF-B platform from Renault-Nissan-AVTOVAZ, which will also be the basis for the new Renault Clio and Nissan Juke.

The specific product release date is still unknown – still in its infancy.

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