Sunday , September 26 2021

Netflix introduced a new trailer for Andy Serkis & # 39; & # 39; Mowgli & # 39;

Netflix launches new trailer for Andy Serkis' Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle Wednesday night and announced the film will be released in a limited cinema on November 29 before crashing into the streaming platform on December 7

After several production delays, Warner Bros. films were sold to Netflix earlier this year, providing a streaming platform with star-studded vehicles to be released during the festive season. Serkis made his directorial debut Mowgli, adapted from darker source material from Rudyard Kipling Book Forest. That Lord of the Rings The actor plays Baloo bear in the film, while Christian Bale plays Bagheera panther, Cate Blanchett catches Kaa snake, and Benedict Cumberbatch describes a tiger threatening Shere Khan. Rohan Chand will play Mowgli, and Matthew Rhys and Freida Pinto also have roles.

Mowgli stay away from Disney's Book Forest and choose a darker and grittier story about a human baby left in the jungle of India to be raised by a group of wolves, Bagheera, and Baloo. Threatened by Shere Khan, Bagheera told Mowgli that he had to return to the human world for his own safety, but when he was captured by local villagers, the transition from the animal world to the human world was difficult for the male hero.

The film utilizes the pioneering work of the Serkis pioneering movement that he has built since his days playing Gollum in Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings and on Planet of the apes franchise.

Last month, Netflix announced that it would change its release strategy for certain films, especially Alfonso Cuaron Rome, Coen Brothers The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, and Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock, allowing them to premiere in theaters before debuting on Netflix. Spanish Cuaron Rome, a strong award challenger, will be launched in theaters from November 21 before the premiere of Netflix on December 7.

This new release strategy allows Netflix, which has disrupted cinema habits over the past few years, to establish partnerships with cinemas.

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