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Paulo Dubala: the contenders to sign it and where it can end

Paulo Diballa's days in black and white seem numbered, though where his future remains, is a gray area.

Juventus' forward was marginalized and demoralized after Cristiano Ronaldo's 100 million pounds last year, with the Portuguese forcing DiBalla to rise to a central role in a supporting role.

The Argentine was left disappointed Massimiliano Allegri the lack of loyalty and faith and the summer outing seemed inevitable – it was until the announcement came that Alegri would leave at the end of the season.


This can still happen hWe will not have suitors with a collection of famous European clubs who want to get a player out of his top talents.

Here are the key contenders who want to ensure security Dybala on signature before campaign 2019/20.

Manchester United

Ole Gunnar Solskjayer

Red devils are in turmoil. Their coach has the worst profit ratio of any United manager in history, they have failed to face a major challenge in all races this season and the club will not play in the Champions League next term. They really need a new signature to pick up the darkness.

Dybala is exactly what CEO Ed Woodward is looking for; marketable, charismatic and capable of reviving the country. However, the 25-year-old requires the light of the spotlight and the prestige, something the English team can try to offer with the football of the Europa League and similar to Paul Pogba in the team.

Probability Rating: 2/10

Paris Saint Germain


To be honest, PSG is associated with every top player. But just as the broken clock is correct twice a day, the rumors glimpse from time to time real stories about the transfer of the Parisians.

Former Dibble teammate Dani Alves claims he was in his ear and made him get out and move to the French capital. However, League 1 does not need it, given the abundance of options that they had in the front, which means they will probably miss if a bidding war breaks out.

Probability to evaluate: 3/10



The reports show that Real Madrid is a Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah at a juncture that could trigger a chain of extravagant transfers. One such bargain could have shown that the reds dashed to Dibala It is estimated that € 100 million will be enough to win it from the Allianz stadium.

This will certainly be less than the required figure for Salah, with his deputy having a similar set of skills. The two pairs are left legs capable of playing on the front line and capable of playing the finishing or playing role. It seems that it is not reckless with the participation of Jurgen Klop if Salah is sold. But this is great and unlikely if.

Probability to evaluate: 3/10

Bayern Munich


James Rodriguez's loan in Bayern is over and the Bavarians are considered uninterested in the opportunity to buy the Colombians. His South African colleague, Dibala, would be a wonderful heir whose couple was thrown in the same shape.

Of course, Rodriguez is not the only one to expect to come out of Die Roten in the coming months, with duel of veteran wing Arien Robben and Frank Ribery set for his swan in the DFB Pokal final next weekend.

Bundesliga champions have the financial opportunity to compete with all rivals in the Dybala race and will need a player with their experience; do not be surprised if the former Palermo playmaker decides to settle in Germany.

Probability to evaluate: 6/10

Atletico Madrid

Antoine Grossman

Antoine Grisman's saga has shaken for eons, ending his ending this week after the Frenchman confirms he will leave Atletico after the end of the season in La Liga.

This is the same scenario for Los Rojiblancos as well as for most of the above-mentioned clubs; they lose a superstar and want another similar qualified world beat to reduce the impact. To put a positive spin on the sale of Griezmann, he will leave them with a huge military box to add his attacking arsenal.

Fortunately for Athletes, coach Diego Simeone has held conversations with Dibala in the past, sharing their nationality, which eventually gives the Spaniards a higher position in pursuit of the Bianconiers icon. Indeed, they reportedly have made their move by offering him a five-year deal at the Vanda Metropolitan Stadium.

Probability to evaluate: 7/10


Mauro Icardi

Mauro Icardi has suffered a grace loss this season, the striker who was deposed by the Inter Milan captain in February before deciding to give up future matches. Eventually, he rescinded his decision after nearly two months of play, but the believers in Nerazzuri have already turned their backs on the once-loved mascot.

Probably it will be out in the summer and its current employers are already preparing for a life without fruitful progress. It is said that they are for his compatriot Diballa, who will fill the hole for thrusting targets left by Ikardi.

Although the Juventus man has had a stronger campaign, he has proved his performance in Serie A in recent years. Dybala hit 52 combined goals in its first three seasons in Turin.

Probability to evaluate: 7/10

Where will Dybala end? It is hard to see how he will decide to move to Old Trafford with the problems catalog there, and Liverpool will fight his teeth and claws to keep on Salah. If the latter remains at Merseyside, there will be no need for a lively deal for the Argentine international.


As discussed, the PSG will be the first to abandon the race, making the transfer to France incredibly. This leaves three strong opponents, although the player may prefer Inter over Atletico and Bayern.

He is familiar with Series A and therefore does not need that much time to adapt. However, the joining of the men from Milan means that he will have the chance to avenge Juve. His disappointment with the old lady is well documented, and a man with such unwavering self-confidence would desperately want to prove that the club has maltreated him very, very wrongly.

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