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Security guard who entered the KKK's apartment and cut off the maid's top before he could force her

Shafik Alhatib
Times of the Straits
July 11, 2019

The concierge guard was sentenced to jail and battled with sticks after she armed with scissors, then went into a room to punish the maid.

33-year-old Jeffrey Ali was out of office when he walked into the ground floor at his workplace through an open window and took the kitchen scissors before going to the room where the citizen of Myanmar fell asleep with two young children to his employer.

The Singaporeans opened her tip, kissed her, sat down on her, and said she wanted to marry her.

Jeffrey was sentenced on Thursday (July 11th) to three years and four months in jail with three strikes on the cane.

He is found guilty in one of two cases when dealing with abuse, chaos and drug use.

The 34-year-old citizen of Myanmar, who can not be called to order, woke up when she felt someone pulling her legs and saw Jeffrey, who did not know nearby.

She told her to remain silent, and she was afraid of fear before the mother of the employer heard anxiety and went to investigate.

She called for her son and her daughter-in-law who stood up against Jeffrey.

Deputy Prosecutor Tan Sing Wei said, "The accused told them to keep silence and leave because they had scissors with him, and the children woke up and began to cry."

He allowed the employer and his wife to bring the children out of the room, but they continued to hold the maid's maid.

Finally Geoffrey dropped the woman and left the office through the main door after the employer said he would call the police. However, the invader left behind elements, including his debit card and medication.

The employer warned the police about 5.40 hours and one resident later reported that up to 50 police officers and 17 vehicles, including four of the special operations commanders, were stationed in the property located in northwest Singapore.

On Thursday, the court heard that later that morning, Jeffrey had invaded another unit and stole RM643 (S $ 210) and $ 212 in cash before he escaped.

Police arrested him in the basement parking lot around noon.

Urine tests later showed that Jeffrey had consumed methamphetamine and the court heard that he had used the medicine about three times a week to stay on the job.

To offend the maid's modesty, Jeffrey could be locked for up to 10 years with a stick.

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