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The funeral of Aloisius Pang should be held on Sunday afternoon

SINGAPORE: Aloisius Pang's funeral will take place on Sunday afternoon (27th January), where the actor will receive full military honors.

His body will be taken from McPherson Lane, where he was detained, to the Manday Crematorium.

On Saturday, friends, relatives, actors, and members of the public gathered to pay tribute to Pang, who died Wednesday after succumbing to injuries sustained during a training incident in Singapore in New Zealand.

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The awakening was saved on Saturday morning, with celebrities such as Chen Hanwe, Phan Wong, and Christopher Lee. There was also Pang Jayle Wu's girlfriend.

Chen Hanwei at the beginning of the late Aloisius Pang

Chen Hanwei on the occasion of the late Aloisius Pang on January 26, 2019 (Photo: Gaya Chandramohan)

zoe tay in allogyic pain

Actress Zoe Tay at Aloisius Pang's kiosk on Saturday (January 26th). (Photo: Gaya Chandramohhan)

Edmond Chen at Aloisius Pang's kiosk

Singaporean actor Edmund Chen on the occasion of the late Aloisius Pang on January 26, 2019 (Photo: Gaya Chandramohan)

At noon the audience was allowed to pay their respects. Hundreds of people emerged coming from all over Singapore.

The public line worsened and flowed as the afternoon continued, but even at 15:00, at least 100 people continued to wait patiently in the queue.

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Politicians such as Senior Minister of Communications and Information Blue Anne were also present, as well as many celebrities including Zoe Tai and Janet Au.

About 50 people from Pang's fan club, The Pangas, arrived in the middle of the afternoon. Some of them wore bright orange t-shirts with the late actor's face, sobbing before they entered the consciousness.

aloysius pang fan club

On Saturday (January 26th), Fan is the rebellion of Aloisius Pang. (Photo: Gaya Chandramohhan)

fan club in the club

Member of Aloisius Pang fan club at the event. (Photo: Gaya Chandramohhan)

At a press conference on Thursday, SAF's senior commanders said Pang was crushed between the gangbang and his cabin after being "unable to get out of the way" when the barrel was lowered.

An independent commission of inquiry will be convened to investigate the circumstances that led to the incident, MINDEF said.

MINDEF and SAF will continue to assist and support the Pang family, the ministry said in its press release.

Pang's body arrived in Singapore on Friday night from New Zealand, two days after his death from injuries sustained during training.

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The late Pang Class Corporal (NS) received honorable awards from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) through the ceremony on the ramp return to parents with Major General General Goh Si Hou in the presence of the Guards of Honor Soldiers and artillery soldiers from the Artillery Army. Forming, "MINDEF said in a media release.

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