Monday , October 18 2021

The Google Fit app has new features


It will help to take care of health.

If you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, then one of the most important things to take care of is having a good night's sleep, reports, quoting portaltele.

Of course, exercise, proper nutrition and natural foods are important factors for a healthy lifestyle, but it is also important to get proper sleep and rest (if not more) because it depends on how you feel and how productive you will be in the next So, in a sense, to please you, we decided to talk about what a popular health app, Google Fit today has acquired two new features that will help improve the quality of your vacation and have enough energy to demonstrate the next de n your performance record.

So, two new features – it's a dark theme and the ability to track the nature of the dream, get a better idea of ​​how good (or bad) your dream was, and then take action to improve it, if necessary. A dark theme, Dark Theme, first appeared in Google Fit. The technically dark theme appeared on Google Fit earlier, on July 12th. Then some application users noticed that after the update, it automatically switches to a dark and light theme depending on the current theme in the system. As you can see, the restriction was that the dark theme in Google Fit could not be switched

Google Fit has a special settings option that allows you to enable or disable a dark theme manually. Therefore, if your system-wide theme is installed in the light, you can still go to Google Fit and change it to dark individually, as in some other Google applications. Google says the dark topic as well as sleep tracking will be available to all users in the next week, so don't be surprised if they haven't won.

If you're not using a dark theme on Android and / or apps in the evening or at night, you can probably underestimate the benefits to your health. Try half an hour at night to use the dark theme and then turn on the light sharply. You're lucky, if not blind. When the bright light from the screen of the smartphone is constantly shining in my eyes, they adapt and you feel comfortable, but in fact the eyes are very tired and want to sleep in some cases disappear completely.

The dark theme as a whole helps to reduce eye strain and keep the battery life of your smartphone, so it's better to leave it permanently and not activate it just in case the battery is low or the sun goes down beyond the horizon. Fit has an option for tracking sleep features with regard to sleep tracking, Google Fit does not work without assistance, which means you will need a third party application that can track sleep that may be related to Google Fit so it can show detailed results.

If you are already using another dream tracking application, link it to Google Fit and you will find the latest different details of the various elements of your dream in the form of easy-to-read graphics, along with additional history information about sleep.

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