Friday , July 30 2021

The missed phone may have a 5G, 6.7 inch screen

It's no secret that the latest iteration in the Samsung Galaxy range for smartphones will have great technological advances over its predecessors. After all, this is the tenth anniversary of their giant's leading smartphone.

Information from Wall Street Journal sources now show that the new Galaxy S10, which is said to be called "Beyond X", will include 5G network speeds, mammoth screens and more cameras. Additionally, according to a number of online rumors, the S10 will come in three other models, similar to launching the latest iPhone range from Apple. Samsung may be set to release the standard S10 Lite and S10 Plus versions.

Apple's rival, Apple, has released its 10-year-old iPhone XS and XR versions earlier this year, and it is expected that Samsung will cope with its game to outperform technical rivals.

Samsung remains the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world by volume. However, in the second quarter, the technology giant was down in profits, accusing the lower-than-expected Galaxy S9 sales for the slowest quarter-on-year growth in 2017. Recognized by the rise of companies like Xiaomi and Huawei, Samsung faces heavy sales climate, especially in China and India where competitors offer cheaper handsets.

Separately from the competition, the speculative features of the Galaxy S10 must be enough to excite technological fanatics and increase Samsung's attractiveness. Best of all, WSJ says Beyond X can show the biggest screen he has ever seen on the Samsung smartphone at 6.7 inches. The phone is supposed to boast an end-to-end screen that can hide the front chambers and sensors behind the display glass.

Speaking of cameras, S10 says there are six. Adding more cameras will increase the potential of the smartphone to be used as a photo device. Theorized to contain four in the back, two in front, additional cameras can give users more zoom options, smarter focusing capabilities, and AP (advanced reality) applications.

Earlier this year CEO of Mobile Division of Samsung DJ Koh confirmed that the design of the Galaxy S10 will be "very important". Larger screens, enhanced cameras and 5G network capabilities certainly boasted Koch's praise.

As usual, the new handset will probably include a faster CPU and processor boost. Best of all, WSJ also says Samsung may consider adding a reverse charging characteristic similar to the competitor Huawei Mate 20 Pro. This will allow the Galaxy S10 to share battery life with other devices. Even better, there is an option to include an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor below its display.

The speculation surrounding the new Galaxy S10 comes just weeks after Samsung made waves online with smartphone messages than it can roll out to become a tablet device. Probably the four new phones placed on the folding tablet will be presented at the Mobile World Congress in February next year. Until then we are waiting with a breath.

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